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 Razor Apply huh?

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Razor Apply huh? Empty
PostSubject: Razor Apply huh?   Razor Apply huh? EmptyMon Dec 01, 2014 2:52 pm

Yes right my name is Razor the full name is Khurmun Razor (maybe my parent is crazy)
Oay iw i will to fill this
In Game Name :Razor,viva,Never.w

Age :15

USGN Name :Never Win

USGN ID :i forgot about it

Xfire :none

Location :milkyway earth asians asians oncean and indonesian east java the city is bandung

Timezone :idk

CS2D Experience :my cs2d experience?

Previous Clan(s) :XM-I,Bleaz2d,DiamonD,DoD,Flame,HnS so many clan i joined lel

Referral :idk

Reason To Join :i likes the name looks cool,like the member and the leader,i have a good skill u can test me if u want, i think its a good clan, i heard the name the clan first is in LSD Laser server and i meet with the Leader when im is member of Flame (Yeah!!)

That all from me
Am i accepted?
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Razor Apply huh?
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